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Development path

  • 2010

    The company became the first batch of medical equipment in Zhejiang Province, GMP system certification of enterprises, and at the same time become the first batch of Huzhou City, high-tech enterprises and officially listed

  • 2009

    Inventor Professor Peng Shueng appointed the honorary academician of the European Academy of Surgery, became the only medical expert in mainland China to obtain this honor

  • 2008

    Shuyou in Anji factory officially put into production

  • 2007

    Fully open the international market, our products have been around the world nearly 120 countries and regions

  • 2006

    Plating TiO2 film of medical equipment,the official project and access to major scientific and technological projects in Zhejiang Province, the award

  • 2005

    Became the first batch of enterprises through the IOS13485 system certification, access to the FDA certificate to become the only one at the same time to obtain the EU and the United States sales permit of China's electric surgery supplies manufacturers

  • 2004

    Won the CE certificate to become the first to obtain such permission of the electric surgical consumables manufacturer; inventor Professor Peng Shueng appointed American Academy of Surgery honorary academician to become the first in mainland China

  • 2003

    Multi-functional surgical dissector official project and the National Science and Technology Innovation Fund for SMEs funding

  • 2002

    The establishment of surgical treatment of suction and suction surgery and multi-functional surgical dissector application to become the first Ministry of Health ten years outstanding promotion project, held in Pittsburgh in the United States in May, the world's new invention of new technology exhibition , Peng Shu lattice of the scraping suction surgery anatomical and scraper surgery dissector won the medical class only first prize

  • 2001

    The establishment of surgical treatment of suction and surgical operation of the dissecting device by the State Council issued the National Technology Invention Award second prize

  • 1996

    "Peng's multi-functional surgical dissector" won the first prize of scientific and technological progress in Zhejiang Province

  • 1993

    Hangzhou Shuyou company was established, Peng's multi-functional surgical dissector access to national invention patents

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