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Company culture

Shu You's meaning


"Shu": left homes, right to, meaning: to others, the courage to sacrifice. "Friends": harmony, health. "Shu You" sincerely pay for our hard work and sweat, for all the patients to lift the pain, bring hope and the future.

Shu You culture


Enterprise mission: to others, for the unremitting efforts of human health!

Enterprise Mission: focus on surgical operation of surgical instruments manufacturing, and strive to achieve a win-win team and business!

Enterprise vision: to create the first surgical instrument surgery brand!

Core values: good professional responsibility rigorous innovation

Respect: respect for customers, employees, partners requirements

Efficient: We oppose everything dragging, advocating efficient, to ensure quality.

Professional: I have no people, I have gifted, gifted me fine

Unity: active support of related activities, unity can accomplish each other

Work: professional, professional, digital, results, and dedication.

Shuyou's slogan


Our style: unity and friendship, proactive!

Our state: sunshine, passion; happy learning! happy working!


Our team: help each other and grow together!

Our family: warm family, one is difficult, we help, your thing is my thing!

Our core: medical products = life off days, products = character


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